However, it’s not all bad. Even if for financial or other reasons you want to do everything with your hands – go for it. But first study in detail the relevant literature and be sure to check out the range of pond products. Science and technology do not stand still, and the fact that a couple of years ago took a lot of time and effort, now not only easy, but also relatively inexpensive.

We must not forget that the basis for the normal existence of the backyard pond water quality. Before launching into the pond fish, decide what source is more convenient to get water and by means of tests (for example, set “TetraPond Test Set”) measure its basic parameters. The fish is not suitable for any water: for example, rain is too soft, as well, in contrast, may be excessively rigid. Of course, with the help of specialized drugs we can approximate chemical characteristics of the water to optimal values, however to abuse this opportunity should not be. Continue reading

Black scat

Stingray. one of the poisonous fish of the Black sea, with a small tail poisonous thorn ( the shape when we look closely something resembling a Christmas tree) it as, as ustrasheniya and defensive Scat Hvostokol can apply thrust to any coming on him of swimmers at one of the beaches of Anapa, Sochi and Gelendzhik ( no matter where, Stingray inhabits almost everywhere ). but the cases affected by this species of stingrays on the black sea coast – edinicy, ( usually these were cases of careless careless fishermen with a caught Stingray ) Stingray looking for prey in the bottom layers of the sea at depths from 40 to 1 meter rarely falls victim to hunters and divers podstrelivat with spear gun this graceful fish purely out of curiosity ( and then to extract the poisonous thorn and to show everyone ) Caught Black sea rays on spinning, or is in the food they are not used and discarded back into the sea behind the boat. however, once in the USSR, Black sea Rays and Sea Continue reading

Cat shark

Cat shark, or scyllium, is a medium – sized species of sharks that inhabit the waters of the Atlantic ocean. It is a mostly nocturnal predator of unusual color.

The name of the shark was due to the similarity of the shape of the head with cats. They are quite mobile and maneuverable. This is the most active and popular sharks in the warm waters of seas in tropical regions.

The meat of this shark species is edible and is often used in exotic cooking.

Short description

There are several species of sharks, which are United the same morphological features.

The size of the fish does not exceed one meter. The weight varies from 1 to 1.5 kilogram. Continue reading

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