Feeding the fish, one of the most important factors that ensure normal development and the life of the fish. From nutrition to the greatest extent depends on their appearance.

When feeding fish one should follow two basic rules: the more varied the feed, the better; it is better underfeeding than overfeeding.

Food should be given in small portions; as soon as the fish stop eating, feeding should be discontinued, and uneaten food to remove. Feed the fish once a day, preferably in the same clock. No irreversible development will not take place if for any reason the feed will not be given fish for a few days (5-8). but this should not be the rule.

Currently on sale offers many high quality brands of dry, canned and frozen feed for fish, which greatly simplifies the problem. However, for a number of fish prefer live food, as well as in the preparation of fish to reproduce is preferable to give live foods, dry — only temporarily.

In the absence of live feed fish feed fish fillets, lean beef. Previously this type of feed should be finely on a grater. With this feeding should be careful of leftover food did not cause the rotting of water. Some species of fish need vegetable Korma. Apply lettuce, spinach, cabbage, dandelion, previously scalded with boiling water and chopped.

When breeding fish, especially ikromechuschie, there is a problem rearing of fry. Fry need to be fed often and abundantly, feed should be present in the aquarium constantly. Fry, as a rule, are very small in size and need special small feed.

The fry of live-bearing fish from the first day able to eat the Cyclops, chopped Tubifex or bloodworm. For feeding fish fry ikromechuschie used the so-called living dust, or a mixture of ciliates, rotifers, and tiny larvae (nauplii) copepods — Cyclops, brine shrimp, as well as so-called micro worm (nematode). An artificial substitute for a live dust is krutoberegovo the yolk of a chicken egg.

An important issue is the storage of live feeds. Be stored at a low temperature (on the bottom shelf of the fridge) and rinse daily. Bloodworm, koretra, Tubifex and well preserved wrapped in a damp linen cloth, or in a special tray with a minimum layer of water covering the surface. Can be stored frozen. Live Daphnia and Cyclops remain in the water, but it is important that the concentration was not excessive. Dry food stored in containers tightly closed lids.

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