Dangerous fauna of the red sea. What dangerous animals are found in the Red sea?

The red sea is considered one of the most beautiful water places on our planet, but also dangers for health and life in it, too, abound. I will describe the five most dangerous variants encountered personally.

The first SEA URCHINS.

Any tourist first came to the Red Sea can be faced with this problem, and on the first day and at the coast. The sea urchin is very dangerous, it is found in shallow water and the opportunity to step on it very high, very dangerous vadimony view of the needle it reaches ten inches and when it enters the body easily break down, causing severe inflammation, therefore it is advisable to use special rubber shoes.

Second – a very nice fish of LIONFISH.

This fish is very common in the Red Sea and lovers of snorkeling (swimming with a mask and snorkel) often play with them. Do not in any case impossible, it is very poisonous, physical contact with her may lead to fatal outcome even sea predators prefer to avoid this “beautiful monster”.

The third MORAY.

It’s beginner divers. The fish is carnivorous and very voracious, inexperience some divers trying to feed this serpentine creature, causing her anxiety, but they are able to attack the person in the form of self-defense(I was once bitten by this predator), and the bite is quite painful.

The fourth SEA SNAKES.

They are near the coast are seasonal and very dangerous to humans during the mating season (just throw on anything living), in 2009 in Hurghada I have watched this invasion, very impressive, then all the hotels along the coast of the state of emergency was declared, to bathe in the sea was strictly forbidden.

And the fifth Is of course SHARKS.

On the red sea coast in principle a little, but attacks on humans in these waters are the place to be (2011-2012 several attacks in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada), so that the ear with these prehistoric predators of our planet need to be kept sharp.

Enjoy your holiday on the red Sea coast, I hope not scared You with their “horror stories” !

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