Sharks of the Mediterranean sea
Sharks of the Mediterranean sea comprise about 47 species, 16 of them reach about three meters in length, and 15 species are considered potentially dangerous to humans. Among them are…

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Animals and marine life of Cyprus
Mouflon - wild sheep is sufficient large animal and is found mainly in the mountains Cyprus has a rich flora and marine world. In the mountains and on the plains…

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Diet fish

The diet of any person, except, perhaps, strict vegetarians, is impossible without animal products. Along with meat, eggs, dairy products, fish is a major source of protein. It is believed that ideally, you want to alternate in the diet of fish and meat.

On its nutritional value fish almost indistinguishable from meat, and on the ease of learning the human body surpasses it. In fish muscle contains from 13 to 23% complete protein. The amount of fat varies widely, from 0.1 to 33%, depending on fish species and time of catch. Fish oil contains large amounts of vitamins A and D, additionally, in the muscular tissue of some fish species have b vitamins In fish contains from 1 to 5% minerals, which include potassium, iron, phosphorus. Marine fish are also rich in iodine, which is of great importance for the human body.

Different species have different palatability, bone structure, and different fat content, that makes their cooking.

All fish in General is exposed to almost all types of cooking. It is marinated, smoked, salted, smoked, fried, boiled, steamed, baked, stewed. You can cook a variety of dishes: soups, soups, snacks, salads, main dishes self, gefilte fish, jelly and many others.

Quality fresh fish should have surisadai, sea (if marine fish). The skin should be moist, if there is a scales, it is held tightly. Good quality fish tail and fins are fresh, firm, whole, don’t look ragged or dry; the body firm and elastic (not with pressure remains obvious dents); the eye moist and transparent (pike’s muddy), not too deep. Gills depending on the species needs to be flat red or maroon (not brown). The cavity of the fish should be well cleaned. Best nutritionally it is considered a live fish.

To keep the fish be in the freezer or on the bottom shelf depending on the initial state of fish product. So, frozen fish and fillet is best to keep in the freezer, chilled fish intended for cooking for 2 days out of the freezer, on the bottom shelf. It is not recommended to freeze and keep in the freezer the smoked sturgeon, canned food, caviar, and dried, smoked and salted fish products. All fish products should be stored in the refrigerator in a closed form, Packed.

What are sharks - types of sharks
Mako shark or cernobila shark scary predator in the literal and figurative sense. Mako notice sacrifice his black eyes and chase her at speeds up to 100 km/h. But sharks…


Apistos: aquarium fish at all times!
Not all aquarium fish (and especially cichlids) so tolerant of their neighbors as ramirezi apistogramma and other dwarf American cichlids. Livable but not their only advantage, they are also very…

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