Five classes of most common species and breeds of fish

Viviparous. These kinds of bright and unpretentious. They hold the palm of popularity among aquarists for several decades. The main secret of its popularity are viviparous their size, colour, simplicity and ease in keeping and breeding. Formed birth to live fry, bypassing the stage of eggs is the main feature of the viviparous. After the birth of the fry, adult fish, you need to isolate, as adult viviparous individuals can take the fry for live food and destroy the hatchlings. To save fry, landed in the corners of the densely growing aquatic plants.

Guppy. This is a favorite of aquarists and children. Guppies — the most common viviparous. They are found in most aquariums. Males have more popularity than females because of their iridescent coloring. Almost all the male guppies have large bright tail fins, which may surpass in size all the fish. There are breeds with ball tail fin and long dorsal fin (it hangs on its side in the form of a tape). Interesting is the forked form of the tail in which the upper and lower rays abruptly lengthened relative to the middle of the tail. Breeders was bred breed guppies with elongated lower beam tail. But the female guppies prakticheskimi colored, dull and not have a significant diversity of colors.

Swordtails and platys. This small fish, the length of which is 7-8cm, They like a considerable amount of water and good filtration, heating and aeration. As platys and swordtails eat frozen or commercially prepared feeds. These species, like guppies, have a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Catfish. This is one of the most popular ikromechuschie warm-water fish. The most common are the speckled specimen. They have several subspecies: Golden leopard, emerald and agazina. But catfish have one major drawback. They love to dig the soil. Therefore, the content of catfish will require installation in the aquarium is quite powerful filters. In General, the content of catfish will not give you much trouble even for novice aquarists. Catfish can breed even in the neighborhood with other species of aquarium fauna.

Neon. This schooling fish. This is a very small fish. The name neon is acquired because of bright side band, similar in appearance with neon advertising. A bevy of neon, the number of individuals exceeding 15 feel in vessels of small displacement. Feed small breeds should be well ground up, as large chunks of the neon will be difficult to handle — he could choke on.

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