The Sevastopol marine Aquarium dangerous to visitors

“The Museum building does not meet fire safety requirements. When carrying out scheduled inspections of MOE inspectors found that the emergency exits blocked by furniture, any premises not equipped with fire alarms, there were violations of the installation and operation of electrical equipment, many rooms are not provided with primary fire extinguishing means. In case of fire, visitors will be in danger.

Recall that these same violations claimed dozens of lives in 2009 in Russia on the fire in a nightclub “Lame horse”. Museum and nightclub are considered as objects with mass stay of people.

Most of the found violations of the staff of the Museum tried to explain the fact that the building of the aquarium more than 100 years, it is a monument of architecture, and changing it’s appearance they are not eligible. However, discrepancies are found for this explanation are not relevant.

At the entrance to the Museum on the left is a recently built wooden construction which is an obstacle on the escape routes, also the stairs, walls finished with flammable and toxic materials. Such violations more than 20. Sotrudniki has suspended the work of the city’s aquarium until the violations are corrected.

It is worth noting that summer sea Aquarium is visited by tourists from different countries of the world, also hosts quite a few excursions for children, this Museum receives the principle income funds. In order to prevent a tragedy and not to interfere with the earnings of the Museum, the Sevastopol marine Aquarium have checked in February of this year.

With the decision of the state fire inspection, the management of the Museum disagrees. They claim now the existence of fishes and reptiles under threat. After feeding the animal at the expense of visitors. The question is, what is more important – human life or a source of income for sustenance of fishes. Today visitors doors sealed, but the workers of the city’s aquarium, the entrance is open.

To provide the necessary care for the animals and feed them, the Museum staff may, at any time. Now in the aquarium is more than 800 different species of fish and reptiles, which visitors will be able to see only after the management of the Museum will ensure the safety of visitors” reads the official statement of UMCHS.