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These animals lived on our planet millions of years ago, when the Earth looked quite different than now. Habitat conditions for these species has changed significantly. Where once was sea,…

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The Smallmouth macropinna
Living in the depths of the North Pacific ocean macropinna the Smallmouth has a very unusual appearance. Her transparent forehead, through which she could spy out the production of their…

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Sharks of the Mediterranean sea

Sharks of the Mediterranean sea comprise about 47 species, 16 of them reach about three meters in length, and 15 species are considered potentially dangerous to humans. Among them are the white shark, considered the most dangerous of all. In other places, she usually eats everything what is on its way, but here she was acting towards people is very peaceful, preferring tuna.

Being an inland sea of the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean sea is distinguished by slow circulation of water masses and, consequently, slow the rate of exchange of waters of the Mediterranean sea with the Atlantic ocean, which makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of a constant temperature year-round. This circumstance creates ideal conditions for the existence of sharks.

However, some Italian experts say dangerous for people sharks can appear in the Mediterranean in 15 years. Due to global warming sea temperature has been increasing steadily and it cannot be excluded that in a short time in the Mediterranean sea will swim sharks, which are currently found only in warmer waters. However, according to other experts the lovers of water activities is still too early to worry: sharks can only survive in very clean water. If the current rate of pollution of the Mediterranean sea continue, in 15 years water will be too dirty for them.

Trick Mediterranean sea have twenty-two countries, including Egypt. A huge number of tourists are flocking from all over the world flock to the shores of the Mediterranean, while avoiding contact with sharks resting people is almost impossible. But shark attacks in the Mediterranean are extremely rare. Official statistics indicate an average of 0.42 figure attacks a year throughout the entire Mediterranean basin. Despite this low rate, some Mediterranean countries, almost everywhere, where people bathe, put on protective mesh. On Egypt’s Mediterranean resorts of grids no.

Over the last 100 years in the Mediterranean was recorded 21 deaths due to shark attacks, and 60 attacks on humans or vessels.

Characteristics of the most common in the Mediterranean sea sharks

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