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Marine aquarium
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Bait for catfish

The biggest fish that you can catch in our land is considered som. And no wonder we all experienced fishermen have many stories about how they or their friends pulled out a very large instances.

Most anglers fishing for catfish use time-honoured fashioned way, namely fishing on the Donk. This gear is made from a strong nylon thread or fishing line with a large diameter, which is attached to the load and a few hooks.

The most important thing in catching this catfish bait. This should be more correct to return home with their catch. Bait for catfish can be anything. This fish, like the cleaner collects from the seabed, shells, leeches, worms, more adults can attack even large waterfowl and small animals. In addition to catching catfish with great efficiency using a lure from which there is persistent odor. This is because som is one of those fish, looking for food with charm.

Fishing for catfish on worms (Nightcrawlers) good choice for beginners. The bait is hanging the bunch on a hook and placed a few inches from the bottom of the reservoir. By passing som not miss the chance to eat such delicious food. The gear you can equip and a large number of hooks and sinkers is to put the feeder. A big disadvantage of this lure is that worms also love to eat a fry and it can quickly eat everything.

Takenplace catfish caught on a frog. She is hanging on the hook behind the rear legs, so that the sting was from the front. For greater reliability it is possible each leg to hook on a separate hook, it will also allow the bait to crawl over the bottom.

Fishing for catfish on cancer is not very different from catching a frog. Small crayfish cling to the hook through the eye so that the sting was in the neck. Large cancers are divided into parts and chunks of meat for greater reliability secure them with a thread to the hook. For cancer catfish best caught at night, after sunset.

Going fishing with the goal to catch catfish, you need to remember that this fish is omnivorous and bait can be anything as long as it is “good” smell.

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