Animals and marine life of Cyprus

Mouflon – wild sheep is sufficient large animal and is found mainly in the mountains

Cyprus has a rich flora and marine world. In the mountains and on the plains you will meet many small and large animals, and in the sea to admire the marine fauna.

One of the brightest representatives of Cyprus is famous moufflon or wild sheep. This is a beautiful and proud animal. As in ancient times on a mouflon hunt taken.

Generally hunting is a common hobby in Cyprus. Hunters go hunting and extract the mouflon, wild boars, hares, but most of the game.

Donkey in Cyprus, it is very favorite to all animal

The symbol of Cyprus after cats called donkeys. Donkeys are found mostly on farms and in rural houses – and use them as labor force. And on farms for tourists satisfied with game – donkey riding followed by dinner with suvai. The perfect tour after which you will have rights to manage a donkey!

That’s such a wonderful chameleon can be found in Cyprus

In Cyprus there are a variety of lizards. You can see among the foliage even of a chameleon! Snakes are also found in dry and grassy areas, but more often it’s non-poisonous snakes, although there are different. So be careful when walking through the fields. In the fields, of course,there are mice and if you live on the first floor of the field, be prepared for possible guests.

From the nasty inhabitants of Cyprus – the big cockroaches that fly too in the summer! And can fly into the open window, although many of the municipalities of the towns of Cyprus every year sprayed their areas against these “people.”

Large Mediterranean tortoise most beautiful inhabitant of Cyprus waters

One of the most beautiful marine animals in Cyprus is the turtle Caretta – Caretta. It is a magnificent and beautiful creation of nature can most often be found in Northern Cyprus and the Akamas Peninsula. where a reserved place Lara Bay, they lay their eggs for hatching, while Cypriot authorities put small squares over the masonry, to those who may be accidentally stepped on them. In rare cases, these giant tortoises can be seen in the waters of Larnaca. This is an amazing sight!

And this bolshego octopus caught on trips – boat trip, close to Larnaca

In the sea also have: lobany, fish, parrot, tuna, shrimp, crabs, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, small sharks are not dangerous species and many more kinds of fish! Fishing you can take advantage of the excursions, which offer at each resort, Cyprus. And on very rare occasions at sea, far from the shores you can meet dolphins! But it is rare.