The black sea region

The black sea is an inland sea basin of the Atlantic ocean. Interestingly the origin of the name Black sea. Throughout its history it has changed names several times. The ancient Greeks called it the “hospitable sea”, Pontos euxeinos. The Russians called it “Russian” or Partskim. Then for centuries it has been rather eloquent title: the Cimmerian, Holy, Blue, Scythian, Inhospitable, tavryches’ke, Ocean, Tamaron, etc.

About his name there are several hypotheses. I believe that this name was given by Turks: Karaden guise or Black, that is inhospitable. So they called him because of the fierce resistance of the local population, who lived on the black sea coast, which the Turks tried to conquer. Possibly, the Black sea was named because of its characteristic severe storms, during which the sea darkens.

The black sea is one of the almost uninhabited land, on the seas. Life in the sea is concentrated in a narrow coastal strip at shallow depths. Two hundred meters below, water freezes. And yet, in Black sea you can find many interesting creatures. For example, there are tiny glowing predators, nochesvetka or noctiluca. If they filter from the water and dry, they will continue to glow with cold light. It svecheniya a substance called “luciferin” – in honor of Lucifer. Night glow and two species of ctenophores and jellyfish. The most common jellyfish Aurelia and kornerot. Kornerot – the biggest jellyfish of the black sea, and Aurelia – the smallest. Kornerot can grow to half a meter in size, while its diameter of only thirty inches. Aurelia is harmless, and touching the poisonous cornerto causes burns.

Among the resident fish, there are sturgeon: sturgeon, Beluga, Atlantic and the black sea-Azov or Russian sturgeons. Dangerous fish of the region is sea dragon is one of the most dangerous fish with poisonous spines Gill wings and the dorsal fin; the Scorpion, sea cat, or sting ray, with poisonous spines in the tail.

Among birds the most common petrels, gulls, cormorants, ducks-Pochards. From mammals in the Black world inhabited by two types of dolphins: bottlenose Dolphin and common Dolphin. Other common mammals of the Azov-black sea common porpoise, which is often called the Azov Dolphin and white-bellied seal. Certain types of animals for which the Black sea is not the native habitat, swim through the Straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus or recorded from there.