Bait for catfish
The biggest fish that you can catch in our land is considered som. And no wonder we all experienced fishermen have many stories about how they or their friends pulled…

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The study of the deep sea
More than 70 percent of the planet covered by water. Three-quarters of the oceans have a depth of over 800 meters. Here begins the realm of the infinite sea depths…

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Marine aquarium

The content of the fish in a saltwater aquarium can be very challenging. Maintenance of the necessary salinity of the water and a sufficiently high oxygen level in it even in a well – equipped aquarium is not easy. Most marine fish bred in aquariums, is habitat, so these fish cannot tolerate fluctuations. Reef the oxygen level is always high and a lot of light, because the corals grow only in shallow and clean water.

Sea water is very corrosive, so the aquarium must be made entirely of glass or plastic, without metal parts. Although marine fish are less inclined to jump out of the vessel compared to freshwater, the aquarium must be carefully closed to avoid contamination. It will also help to control evaporation: when water evaporates, salinity increases, so the vessel should be topped up with distilled water.

Bright lighting is also important in a marine aquarium. It promotes the growth of algae, which clean the water and in turn may serve as food for fish. Seawater is a complex mixture of salts with a concentration of about 35 parts per thousand. The largest component is sodium chloride, or common salt. many other salts are also present, but in smaller quantities.Usually very difficult to prepare an artificial sea water from the large number of elements present in the form of a trace.

Sea water is alkaline, but in the aquarium may become slightly acidic due to the accumulation of organic sediments and higher levels of carbon dioxide. Nitrogen levels may also be raised, so water should be checked regularly.

Also need a very efficient filtration. Biological filters. in which a colony of bacteria breaks the waste that fell to the gravel, very effective provided that the flow is strong enough to carry away pollution down to the gravel. Sometimes, in addition to biological you are using external filters . help to maintain cleanliness. In a saltwater aquarium is usually the foam is formed in the upper part. In nature it is removed by bacteria. To remove foam from the aquarium you can use protein separator, driven by pneumatic pump.

Despite all the difficulties, when established practice to regularly test the water and carefully remove any dirt, when about a quarter of the water in the vessel will be replaced every two months with fresh artificial sea water, equipped with the right balance of fish and other creatures of the aquarium will not cause trouble for a long time, and the community of its inhabitants can exist indefinitely.

Animals and marine life of Cyprus
Mouflon - wild sheep is sufficient large animal and is found mainly in the mountains Cyprus has a rich flora and marine world. In the mountains and on the plains…


Catfish in the oven
Hello, dear readers of the site's Recipes .The Russian Federation! Today, passing by fishing pavilions, looking at the abundance of freshwater fish, could not resist and bought a small catfish,…

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