Aquarium fish and plants

A huge mistake beginner aquarists is the desire to acquire a goldfish . Yes, indeed, this representative of the carp family looks very impressive in the aquarium. But it’s just as capricious. Not having the relevant experience in maintenance of aquarium fish you can easily lose your pet. On this before you make a striking and beautiful instance and maybe a couple to learn the specifics of caring for them.

Where did Gold fish

The first aquarium goldfish appeared a long time ago, about a thousand years ago. Domesticated, this species of carp the Chinese. And the ancestor to modern beauties was an ordinary goldfish. Bred by artificial breeding of fishes were very valuable not only from a species standpoint, but also with the material. Then they cost a lot of money. This was especially true of rare species.

Externally, the fish called Golden look, as well as their grandparents. They have an elongated body, single tail and anal fins, paired, expanded pectoral and ventral fins. Depending on the place of detention, the representatives of the carp family can reach an impressive size from 30 cm to 45 cm But normally in home aquariums they grow up.The maximum with than have to deal with hobbyists this species with the size of 10-15 centimeters. And that, is when the content in very spacious aquaria.

Known types of goldfish

Since then, as was first bred goldfish for aquarium, much water has flowed. During this time a host of species, differing not only in its form, but also color, and also with different shapes of fins. The most often seen representatives of this species with beautiful bright orange color. There are also spotted multi-color fish, black color, with a natural Golden shimmer. Not uncommon in aquariums with black painted body.

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