Interesting facts about the sea and its inhabitants.

…do you personally own a huge amount of iron? Know how much of it do you? Thirty-five tons! So much falls on each inhabitant of the planet, if you extract all of the iron dissolved in sea water.

…on geographical maps 18-19-th centuries can be found melted geographic point? It is an island of the Royal Campaign, the island is emerald island, the Nimrod, Dougherty island. Mariners just misses put them on the map. In fact, these Islands were… of large icebergs.

…in the ocean there are unusual vortex with a diameter of 100 kilometers? It was discovered by oceanographers from the University in Kyoto in the Pacific ocean near the Japanese Islands. Scientists struck by the fact that the axis of rotation of this vortex is not vertical but horizontal. A huge amount of cold water rises from the depths once again and slowly sinks to the bottom, rotating like a wheel.

…there is a special expedited sea mail? It is used by inhabitants of the Sunda Islands Indian ocean: they send their letters in sealed bottles, using sea currents. Ships come to the island once a week, and for delivering email from one island to another in just a day!

…most of the contained iodine is not in sea water, as previously thought? Scientists have found that in the tissues of kelp kelp iodine a hundred thousand times more! And in organismobiosis animals marine tunicates found in fifty-thousand times more vanadium than in water.

…seawater contains gold? Of course, everybody knows that! But how much? California American chemical company had the experience in obtaining gold from sea water. From 15 tons of sea water was extracted 0,00009 g of gold by… cost to 0.01 cents.

…there is a sea in which not no river flows? Is the Red sea! This is the only sea on earth that exists almost without feeding. Only the flow of waters of the Indian ocean through the Bab-El-Mandeb contributes its waters into the sea. If not for this thread, the sea would vanish, evaporate within 1-2 millennia. In its place could receive the greatest land basin at the depth of over two kilometers with a huge crust of salt on the bottom.

…on Earth there is a lake, which has no standing area? This is lake Chad. In the rainy season its water surface is almost twice of its area in dry season!