The Smallmouth macropinna
Living in the depths of the North Pacific ocean macropinna the Smallmouth has a very unusual appearance. Her transparent forehead, through which she could spy out the production of their…

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Fish at the cottage – the technology of breeding
To perform in the country a pond is not difficult, it will take a few days, however, no underwater inhabitants of such a pond will be an unfinished project. Of…

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Cretan sea aquarium

Anyone who goes to Crete with children is to recommend not only his gorgeous amusement parks, but a visit to the Creta
n Sea Aquarium . These Aquariums are available in many cities around the world, but the Greek is particularly impressive. Is aquarum far from Kokkini Hani, and very often the guides don’t have the slightest clue where he is. Therefore, the Marine Aquarium should ask the Greeks, and even better — spravitsya there ourselves by car. He nestled between Heraklion and Hersonissos on the seafront.

By the way, there is another aquarium, it is located in Hersonissos and is also not a place that is often frequented by tourists.

However, despite the fact that in aquariums of Russian tourists seems to be a little, the Greeks took care in advance so that the Russians could read all the inscriptions — in Russian.

By the way, at the entrance you can rent an audio guide in Russian, which will tell you all about some form of marine inhabitants, presented in the aquarium.

Some of the hotels here go excursion trains, but you can go it alone, on the removed car. Fortunately, it’s fun in Crete is not too expensive, of international law it is not necessary to have (enough for our Patriotic), car rent with hunting. Parking spaces in front of the aquarium abound.

The place is ideal for those who want to introduce a son or daughter with various kinds of sea fish and animals found in Greek waters. For those who want to take small Souvenirs, souvenir shop. There is also a cafe, so stay hungry don’t have.

Overexposure of pond fish in the winter under special conditions
Improvement of the pond in the recreation area on the private estate has become a very popular activity. In this reservoir you can grow different types of fish, to cultivate…


Animals and marine life of Cyprus
Mouflon - wild sheep is sufficient large animal and is found mainly in the mountains Cyprus has a rich flora and marine world. In the mountains and on the plains…

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