The inhabitants of the underwater depths

In recent years, studies of the deep sea are very active. However, the oceans keep so many secrets that I reveal have scientists of several generations. There is evidence that to date 99% of the area of the bottom of the oceans of the Earth remain unexplored. However, there are animals, scientists are already open. And most of them boggles the imagination as to their appearance and lifestyle. A large part of deep-sea animals are predators. So, bathysaurus that live in tropical seas, is the predator who has mastered the very deep part of the sea.

He is able to swallow everything that gets in his way. His sharp tongue equipped with teeth, does not give the prey the slightest chance to escape. Bathysaurus not necessary friend of life: nature gave him the genitals of male and female at once. Long and sharp fangs has a fish-Viper. Your teeth that do not fit in the mouth, it is able to kill any prey, but can eat fish larger than themselves: her stomach is stretched if necessary.

Seeing scary deep sea devil, especially sensitive ladies may even lose consciousness. It is found in the Atlantic ocean and in the Antarctic. This creature hunts with its own spine. It curves long spine around the victim and pulls to itself. The end of the spine glows – so it’s easier replacepattern victim. Method of propagation of sea devil no less amazing: the adult male loses the ability to digest captured prey. Then he simply bites into the body of the passing females. So they continue and coexist: the male parasite, spraying sperm and the female produces food for both. Gradually the male die to all the vital organs. Bite the skin of the female and the skin of the lips of the male are fused. Such an amazing creature in any horror movie they won’t.

Found on the seabed and fish, which he called the Smallmouth macropinna. Her body is so fragile that when lifting on a surface subjected to deformation. It is part of the oldest predators of the frilled shark. This species may exist unchanged since the days of the dinosaurs. When capturing prey, it leaps forward, like a snake.

The bodies of the inhabitants of the deep sea is full of water (which is compressed a little), which helps them to withstand tremendous pressure. The eyes often are poorly developed: at these depths in complete darkness in them makes no sense, but the senses, allowing you to capture sound waves have many of them.

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