Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea – how to avoid poisoning

Sea dragon stung the man in Odessa. It happened while fishing. This is a very poisonous fish, few people know the victim and saw her for the first time.

Sergiy Katsuba fishing since a boy. About marine life knows a lot, but the dragon met for the first time. When the bait got a beautiful, silvery fish that had confused her and bull.

– Small knotek here the same length, this fish was, in General, and I responded. Well, I instantly grabbed not much. I only gave, it managed to traynotify in hand and double-chop me in the arm.

The hand abruptly fell ill from the wounds bled. The fisherman immediately went to the hospital.

Meeting with her is not very nice, very hurtful injections. First, the wounds bleed and hurt for a long time.

Sea dragon is one of the most poisonous fish of the Black and Mediterranean seas. Very dangerous. Can cause paralysis or even death. The greatest threat that it’s easy to step on or be stung when buries itself in the sand or under a rock.

Igor Shumakov, the vacationer:

– You need to tread more carefully, especially because the ecology of our seas in a little podocytes and more animals appeared, all such venomous and all sorts of ugly. On the rocks it is advisable not to walk.

But most beachgoers about dangerous fish knows nothing.

– No, not heard anything, I don’t know.

And it should know the experts say. And stress: thermal stress is first aid, if stuck with the fins of the sea dragons.

Boris Aleksandrov, head of the Odessa branch Institute of biology of the Southern seas:

Is a bitten place in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes, or, on the contrary, in the icy water, but before that, if you use ice water, it is necessary to apply the ligature, well, a tight bandage above the bite and place a hand on the half hour. Then remove the ligature and leave for another hour, two at the water.

This advice is for those who has to go to the doctors. However, in any case, you need to go to the hospital. In addition to the sea dragon also should avoid sea cows. It is also very poisonous. Be wary of a meeting with jellyfish and algae, especially blue-green.