The tale of the Golden fish
Lived-were the old man with the old woman near the Blue sea... Then the old man went to the sea, cast net and fished the fish is not simple, and…

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The inhabitants of the underwater depths
In recent years, studies of the deep sea are very active. However, the oceans keep so many secrets that I reveal have scientists of several generations. There is evidence that…

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Fishing folk omens

“To beat Sidorov freezing”. Old anglers, in the morning going fishing, to myself quietly whispering the ancient conspiracy: “Sidor, put out by the North wind, do a quiet day, stop completely all Siver, the summer was warm and full of grace.”

In olden days it was believed that the Sidor cold wind went to the North before winter, and with it went the most difficult month of the year – may. Spring passed the baton rushing to change anticipated for the fly anglers. Fish, like realizing that there comes a warm the summer time, started to bite with a vengeance.

Birthday men: Alexander, Barbarian, Ivan, Isidore (Sidor), Leonty, Makar, Maxim, mark, Nikita, Serapion, Tikhon and Jacob on this day the fish were caught very much.

Fishermen prirodoslovni not forget to monitor weather changes and their fishing calendars to give forecasts for the following days: “This day was considered the last period of the planting of cucumbers”. “Warm, Sunny day promises a harvest of cucumbers”. “If the day be clear, will be a good harvest of cucumbers; if the morning is cold and cloudy, but cleared up by evening – sown on this day, the cucumbers will be bad, and the later varieties will harvest”. “If Yes, cold windy day, and the cucumbers don’t wait”. “With Sydor gone all syvery (cold Northern winds)”. “Sidor is blowing siverko (the North wind) will blow all the summer.” “Sidor cold all summer that is”. “On this day, come in from the warm seas Swifts and swallows, and with them brought the heat”. “Swallows fly high to the bucket and good fishing.” “Early swallows – a good year”. “How the cuckoo will procured, the Nicholas did so and sow flax”.

If you add a few drops of laxative bait, the fish are lured back to the place much faster.

According to the lunar calendar 13/14 L. D. Peaceful fish: no fish. Predatory fish: good bite.

The weather data is a Peaceful fish: good bite. Predatory fish: no fish.

Assessment of fish peaceful fish on 8 point scale – 5 points.

Likely periods of biting activity: 00:03 – 02:03 and 12:40 – 14:40

The bite: 04:13 – 06:13 and 21:07 – 23:07

Sharks of the Mediterranean sea
Sharks of the Mediterranean sea comprise about 47 species, 16 of them reach about three meters in length, and 15 species are considered potentially dangerous to humans. Among them are…


Aquarium fish and plants
A huge mistake beginner aquarists is the desire to acquire a goldfish . Yes, indeed, this representative of the carp family looks very impressive in the aquarium. But it's just…

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