Interesting facts about the sea and its inhabitants. you personally own a huge amount of iron? Know how much of it do you? Thirty-five tons! So much falls on each inhabitant of the planet, if you extract…

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Sharks of the Mediterranean sea
Sharks of the Mediterranean sea comprise about 47 species, 16 of them reach about three meters in length, and 15 species are considered potentially dangerous to humans. Among them are…

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Som is the most common freshwater fish

Family somovyh has more than 550 species of fish, widely distributed on all continents of the earth. A large part of somovyh inhabits deep, slow-flowing or stagnant waters. However, there are also such representatives of the family that live in mountain streams and cold-water quick ducts. There are completely amazing varieties of this fish, for example, the electric catfish has the ability to produce electric discharges, and volcanic catfish living in the craters of volcanoes.

In the European territory of Russia and also in Belarus and Ukraine the most widespread of common (European catfish). It is the largest representative of the family reaching weights of over 400 kg with a body length of about 5 meters.

The largest populations of heat-loving fish that live in the basins of the Black, Azov, Caspian and Aral seas. Primary areas of habitat – preductive space of large rivers. It is noted that the further South the habitat of this fish, the more weight it reaches.

European catfish is the largest freshwater fish. His body, covered with minute, closely-fitted scales, has an elongated shape. Characteristic features – the huge head and mouth, fitted with a brush of many small and acute teeth. Due to this structure the body of this predator can swallow prey almost not inferior to him in size and weight.

In the beginning of XX waikaremoana the farm were caught on the Dnieper, don and Volga specimens, length more than 5 meters and weighing over 300 pounds. These days individuals no longer occur. Fish under favourable conditions, gains to four years weight about 5 pounds, for eight to 16, to fifteen years, the weight of individuals varies between 30 – 40 kg, and in twenty years may be from 60 to 120 pounds. It is established that the catfish lives on average up to thirty-five years. The rapid development of poaching in recent years simply does not allow this fish to reach its maximum size.

However, in larger rivers each year are caught giants weighing about two hundred pounds. On the South catfish grows fast enough. In the average band intensity of growth is much lower. In larger rivers of these regions the weight of the predator rarely exceeds fifteen pounds. And in reservoirs and lakes the average weight of the catfish is five to seven pounds.