Fish at the cottage – the technology of breeding

To perform in the country a pond is not difficult, it will take a few days, however, no underwater inhabitants of such a pond will be an unfinished project. Of course, that you had fish in the country, previously would have to get some knowledge and some work to do. However, many gardeners, having been engaged in this business, came to the conclusion that to breed the fish even more exciting than to dig up the beds with cucumbers.

Pond fish in the country

In this article, we will examine how to breed fish at the cottage and what to do this.

Implementation of the pond

The main nuances

So, if you plan to engage in fish farming, the first thing you need to perform a pond in the country for fish farming.

But before you start this work, you should become familiar with some nuances that its inhabitants were in it comfortable:

Calculation of volume of pond is based on the fact that one individual length of 10-15 cm is given 50 litres of water.

To wintering fish in country pond to be successful, it is necessary to ensure sufficient depth of the reservoir. A layer of unfrozen water shall not be less than one meter.

The larger the area of the surface of the water, the more the pond absorbs oxygen. Sufficient oxygen is one of the main conditions for fish farming.

Scheme of an artificial pond

Technologybiology pond

Brief manual for the implementation of a pond at the dacha with his hands is as follows:

You first need to look at the site the location for the pond . It is best if this area most of the day will be in the shadows, though, and if you want to do shading and artificial. In addition, it is important that the pond was located in the low-lying location of the suburban area.

Next, you should dig a hole depth of about two meters . The length and width determined, at its discretion.

Once the pit is ready, the bottom and walls should be cement.

Then at the bottom of the pond need to be laid and to smooth special plastic waterproofing film.

Further the pond must be filled one third with water, the polyethylene was finally disposed of.

Then at the bottom poured a layer of soil and river sand.

Prepared the bottom of the pond was planted with algae.

Then pour in the remaining pond water.

The final stage is the design of the pond is a coastal region can be filled with pebbles . For landscaping of coastal area using shrubs and grass.

Please note! To run the fish immediately after filling the reservoir it is impossible. The water needs to settle, so it had time to multiply microorganisms. To accelerate this process, in the pond you can pour a few buckets of water from a natural waterbody.

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