Overexposure of pond fish in the winter under special conditions

Improvement of the pond in the recreation area on the private estate has become a very popular activity. In this reservoir you can grow different types of fish, to cultivate exotic plants and create their own ecosystem, which has a positive impact not the environment of your microclimate. But in the cold season, the owners of such ponds need winter overexposure of fish to avoid death.

Necessary conditions overexposure winter fish

Many species of pond fish can tolerate water temperatures up to 10 degrees. But often in winter the water in small ponds is becoming much colder. That is why the necessary service of keeping pond fish in winter.

All cyprinids, the most ornamental species of pond fish will not survive covering the pond even with a thin crust of ice. Because it is better not to risk the lives of the inhabitants of your pond, and overexposure to order from a company that has the following conditions:

high quality tanks, which creates a necessary environment for fish;

all the conditions for the growth and development of fish, including forage and other factors;

surveillance specialist at state of aquatic inhabitants;

special equipment to create the desired conditions and respond to critical situations.

In such conditions, pond fish can live and grow throughout the winter and early spring. Then will transport them to your pond and naslazhdatsya emotions offered by the living world directly into your estate.

Given the need for high-quality maintenance of fish and ongoing monitoring for their comfortable accommodation, you should contact a company that has sufficient technical abilities to create the right conditions for your fish. The cost of such services depends on many factors.

Order winter overexposure pond fish specialists

To ensure a comfortable winter for your pond fish, please contact the experts with years of experience from the company “Aqua-Station”. With modern equipment for fish of different species in the tanks, we offer you excellent services, reasonable prices and guarantee the safety of your fish.

Call the company at (495) 506-05-48 and discuss with our employees transport your Pets from the pond into the tanks.

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