The most ancient animals on Earth

These animals lived on our planet millions of years ago, when the Earth looked quite different than now. Habitat conditions for these species has changed significantly. Where once was sea, stretches of steppe or forest, or even mountains, in the tropical thickets stretch of arid desert. Only these five species still live in different corners of our planet. Try to guess what animals can be called a real survivor. You know, the chances are that You will realize the truth, very, very small. But today, you will know exactly what the oldest living animal on Earth.

1. The most ancient animals on Earth are hidden at a great depth, their sizes are small, but age is just huge. We are talking about the gray bacteria . Their place of life – mysterious sea depths, where the depths of the Earth emit hydrogen sulfide into the water. Most interesting is that this type of bacteria is freezing even in boiling water, usual temperature is about 300 degrees above zero. These living conditions most similar to those that were thousands of years ago.

2. The title of the most ancient fish rightfully belongs to the mysterious dweller of the deep sea named latimeria .

Shark tries in vain to compete with it in antiquity, and it by as much as 150 million years younger. Sinister buenaobra scales of coelacanths makes it even smasharoo protected and among the inhabitants of the sea depths.

3. Australia is famous for around the world, habitat for unusual species, which will not find anywhere else. Not surprisingly, the most ancient mammals also decided to stay after all the changes on the planet here. Their names – the platypus and the echidna . These animals are remarkable not only for its impressive age, they are something transitional between reptiles and warm-blooded. They feed their offspring with milk, but their babies hatch from the eggs.

4. The most ancient species on the Earth considered to be reptiles. This and turtles and crocodiles and lizards. But among all these, one can distinguish the champion. This lizards Tuataras .

These strange creatures, living only in New Zealand (again, remember about the mysterious inhabitants of Australia and adjacent Islands, plunging into a shock of researchers and zoologists at all times) are aged a little over 200 million years ago. Although their peers many scientists believe the Cayman turtles.

5. Not only fish, coelacanths are the oldest inhabitants of the seas. With them can rival in antiquity sinister and very unusual horseshoe crabs or its relative siting first crustaceans.