However, it’s not all bad. Even if for financial or other reasons you want to do everything with your hands – go for it. But first study in detail the relevant literature and be sure to check out the range of pond products. Science and technology do not stand still, and the fact that a couple of years ago took a lot of time and effort, now not only easy, but also relatively inexpensive.

We must not forget that the basis for the normal existence of the backyard pond water quality. Before launching into the pond fish, decide what source is more convenient to get water and by means of tests (for example, set “TetraPond Test Set”) measure its basic parameters. The fish is not suitable for any water: for example, rain is too soft, as well, in contrast, may be excessively rigid. Of course, with the help of specialized drugs we can approximate chemical characteristics of the water to optimal values, however to abuse this opportunity should not be.

Bay pond fresh (especially tap) water, you need to let her settle. To accelerate this process, but at the same time to remove water from ions of toxic heavy metals will help to “Wasser-Schutz”. This drug is an analogue of the famous “Aqua-Safe”, widely used for the same celaw the aquarium. In the future “WasserSchutz” it is useful to add at each water change. In addition, it will protect the mucous membranes of the fish and reduce the likelihood of stress.

To “refresh” the old water in the pond by using “WasserFrisch”. This drug stimulates the growth of plants, and fish provides essential iodine and vitamins.

Typical trouble decorative pond algae. They spoil the appearance of the pond, reducing water clarity, and in severe situations can even cause death. Most freshwater algae – unicellular or filamentous (last in common parlance often referred to as Tina). Thanks to the primitiveness of the organization (namely these algae differ from higher plants that we have specially put in a koi pond for beauty and supply the fish with oxygen), they are able to proliferate at enormous speed, literally zapolonyayut the pond, if you are finding it suitable to breeding conditions.

Accordingly, the task of “prudovoe” in order to prevent the creation of such conditions. This can be achieved in several ways, the easiest of which is abundantly planting pond plants, focusing on those that grow rapidly and actively absorb nutrients not only from the soil through the root system, much of the water column, digesting their leaves and stems. These plants are worthy competitors of algae.

“TetraPond Wasser-Klar” (aka “AquaClean”) is an effective drug for the treatment of water, which goes on sale encapsulated or in the form of a solution. Its constituent enzymes accelerate