Black scat

Stingray. one of the poisonous fish of the Black sea, with a small tail poisonous thorn ( the shape when we look closely something resembling a Christmas tree) it as, as ustrasheniya and defensive Scat Hvostokol can apply thrust to any coming on him of swimmers at one of the beaches of Anapa, Sochi and Gelendzhik ( no matter where, Stingray inhabits almost everywhere ). but the cases affected by this species of stingrays on the black sea coast – edinicy, ( usually these were cases of careless careless fishermen with a caught Stingray ) Stingray looking for prey in the bottom layers of the sea at depths from 40 to 1 meter rarely falls victim to hunters and divers podstrelivat with spear gun this graceful fish purely out of curiosity ( and then to extract the poisonous thorn and to show everyone ) Caught Black sea rays on spinning, or is in the food they are not used and discarded back into the sea behind the boat. however, once in the USSR, Black sea Rays and Sea Vixens being used to make bone meal or to feed the animals and birds on fur farms. The slope hvostokol like a fish – is a flat disc-shaped fish-shaped, up to 10 kilograms of weight and length up to 1 meter ( not counting the tail ), the tail of this fish is armed with a 15 sm thorn ( poison which causes boleznennaya, but usually to a man’s death does not lead ) In the basin of the World Ocean, the Stingrays meet and of larger size. than Black individuals to the danger as fishermen on the Black sea and underwater hunters in the Black sea occurs and an electric ramp. has rays with a similar structure. but one feature – beat moschnym charge current – passing a number of small fish, thereby causing motor paralysis, but cases of meetings with him a man – of edinicy( were described the cases where underwater hunters pulling out his harpoon -shocking shock electric discharge ( a special body electro Stingray – produces a talk especially for this occasion )