Sea fishing in the Crimea. Popular angling spot

If you prefer sea fishing . in the Crimea for this lesson, just the perfect place. The fish can be caught at the black sea coast and Azov sea.

Fishing on the sea of Azov will bring a lot of fun. Despite the fact that today there is not found such a large number of red fish, as previously, fishing in the Azov still very interesting. To fish here you can not only from shore but from a boat. In these parts you can catch flounder, mullet or pelengasa. The most popular place for fishing on the Azov coast is the Cape Kazantip . where different travel agencies regularly organize special fishing tours.

On the black sea coast fishing is more varied, as places for fishing here so much more.

Quite popular among fishermen is the Kerch Peninsula. Here is found the same fish, as on the Azov, plus mackerel and black sea flounder. Fishing in the South-East of the Peninsula is the most attractive in the early autumn, in September.

In addition, some of the fishing spots are the coast of Balaklava and Laspi. There is red mullet, horse mackerel, sea Fox, sea bass and even garfish. It is best to fish from a boat. From the shore you can also catch sea dog, zelenuha, steer or sea urchin.

Western Crimea offers fishing on the rocky coasts of Dzhangul and Tarkhankut. Is there pointswelcome, mullet, goby or the flounder. Depending on your preference you can fish from the shore and from a boat.

On the Eastern coast of the Crimea is perhaps best fishing spots . Mostly coastal settlements near Feodosia – Koktebel, Sudak, Ordzhonikidze, Sun Valley, New world, seaside, shore, and others. Here you can freely go fishing from the boat or from the shore.

It should also be noted that sea fishing in the Crimea involves not only catching fish, but also prey clams and crabs. In addition, the popularity of fishing from a boat, the main production which is the black sea shark – Katran.

Spearfishing is also quite common in Crimea and has already found its admirers.

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