Feeding aquarium fish

In a previous article we considered the General rules for the content of aquarium fish. But fish need to learn how to properly feed. Tips for feeding aquarium fish.

Do not give more food than the inhabitants of the aquarium can eat in 15 min.

It is necessary to alternate different kinds of food, do not forget that some of them can not give more than 1 times a month.

Be sure to use live food, but before feeding rinse it thoroughly; make sure that the aquarium has not got a live feed rotten or dead worms — this can cause poisoning.

You can give your fish pre-grated and frozen thawed fish.

Especially useful in winter plant food of scalded lettuce or spinach, and you can give chopped meat, cheese, cereal.

Sometimes it is necessary to provide therapeutic feeding, but do not abuse them, as this reduces the protective function.

Do not get dry food.

Remember that sometimes the fish useful and a little hungry, and a little better underfeeding than overfeeding.

Be sure to explain to the children that dry food not only to taste but to smell, and if the child is still very small, store your food in an inaccessible place for him.

There are special food for fry and females during pregnancy.

Maltoside to feed more often than adult fish, in the first month to 6-8 times a day.

Fish readily eat powdered milk, boiled egg yolk, you can give them and infant formulas, pre-sifted away from sugar, scalded and then rinsed with cold water semolina.

While excessive food the fish begin to fatten, it has a bad effect on their development, reduces the ability to reproduce.

Do not take aquatic food organisms from the water bodies where fish live, they can be infected by parasites that cause fish diseases.

Without fear of harming the fish can be taken from natural bodies of water for feeding Daphnia — they do not transfer dangerous pathogens.

Live feeds from the house are the easiest to breed Daphnia, moin and potted worm — anfitriona.

All kinds of live food are better preserved at low temperatures.

The recipe is simple forage mixtures: equal parts by volume of dry Daphnia, gammarus, bloodworms and oatmeal kneaded with raw beef liver, put through a meat grinder. In the freezer this feed mixture can be stored for a very long time.

To feed the fish 2 times a day, preferably at the same time every morning and evening. You can’t leave food on the night.

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