Sea fishing

The most common method of sea fishing – vertical trolling (jigging) in the open sea. It is recommended to use the sounder and GPS receiver.

Sea fishing – trolling

Fishing from a moving boat, allowing the angler to cover vast Maritime space, the bait takes on a natural look. For sea fishing boat speed and the weight of the sinkers you can pick up so that the bait was moving at the right depth. This method usually catch Marlin. Wahoo, sailfish and tuna.

When fishing on spinning in the sea, you should apply a powerful inertia reel. This method is that the artificial bait you need to throw where, in your opinion, is fish. Then allow the bait sink to desired depth and begin to reel the woods back to the coil, so that the movement of the lure copied the movements of fish.

Sea fishing – drifting

Fishing from a drifting boat. The motor boats may be included, but so that it barely moved forward. The most important parameter when drifting – the speed of the boat relative to the tide. If the wind and the tide act in the same direction, the boat will drift too fast. Then the motion of the boat can be slowed down by using a sea anchor.

Very interesting way of fishing in the open sea. Technique of throwing almost weightless artificial flies requires opredelennaya, so the fishermen this method is considered the “aerobatics”. Moreover, all types of tackle – rod, reel, forests and artificial fly must correspond to the type of fish that you catch.

Sea fishing – bottom fishing

Is conducted while the boat is anchored in a fairly small place. While surf fishing bait is lowered to the seabed and held there with a suitable sinkers. This method catches large fish, bottom feeders (the usual slope. the halibut). Very clean and warm sea of Greece, in which there are no strong undercurrents, the inhabitants of the marine world that is safe, create the perfect conditions for underwater fishing. Among rocks and in caves of the Aegean sea is the habitat of octopus and shrimp. sea urchins and sponges, Moray eels, and eels, sparids ( sea bream ), sea breams, sarge, rofos, styra, mullet. All these benefits Greece is widely known every year on the island.