What are sharks – types of sharks

Mako shark or cernobila shark scary predator in the literal and figurative sense. Mako notice sacrifice his black eyes and chase her at speeds up to 100 km/h.

But sharks are not such killers as they are usually considered, and in the foreseeable future, these incredible hunters may disappear because of human activity. Great review of these predators, read the article “Sharks are fearsome predators of the seas and oceans”.

Sharks appeared 420-450 million years ago, and since then they haven’t changed much. And why? Nature has created the perfect killing machine. White shark :

Bull shark . Reaches 4 meters long and lives almost 30 years:

But even such an incredible number of hunters decreases. Increasingly, sharks are victims of the fishermen. The price of shark meat, fins, and in some cultures sharks are used for medicinal purposes.

Former Matador and current Mexican photographer and diver Gerardo del Villar for 10 years met with 600 sharks-bulls. He’s trying to say that sharks are not as deadly and dangerous for men, as is commonly believed.

Every year people kill 100 million sharks! American scientists claim that in the foreseeable future, this powerful marine predators could face extinction.

Sand sharks is another “model” photographer Gerardo del Villar, who considers his duty to help in the protection and preservation of sharks on Earth:

Face to “face” with a shark-bull :

Lineaaqua widely distributed worldwide and is found both in the ocean and off the coast, and is one of the most common sharks on Earth. Not paying attention to the photographer (in the background):

“I want to show the world that sharks are not killing machines. I want to prove that sharks are simply predators, which incorrectly recorded in the killer. Attacks on humans are due to a problem (the person is taken to be some kind of sea animal). Need a program to protect various species of sharks from extinction”.

This marine giant was injured in a skirmish with their shark counterparts:

Bull shark . Lunch break on camera.

Photographer Gerardo del Villar swims with sharks without a protective cage, in order to show how a misconception about these sea hunters as killers. Shark tiger :

Mako shark is the peregrine Falcon in the shark world because of its speed. It is usually seen hunting near the surface, but these sharks live at depths up to 150 meters. Their body temperature 7 to 10 degrees above the water temperature, and movement speed reaches 100 km/h — all this is a clear advantage over their victims.

At first glance, this shark-Mako is not the most beautiful creature on the planet. But would you dare tell her in “person”?