Carp koi. General rules of content

You want to add elegance and charm to your garden, but can’t find the right solution? How about a koi pond . This is a great opportunity to decorate your garden pond. But what is a koi and how to care for them? Well, it’s very simple.

Koi carp in Japan since ancient times, bred, as we have dogs or cats, they are like Pets. Koi require minimal care and feeding, easily to people. The fish pond will give your garden a very calm and beautiful appearance and atmosphere. Of course, the koi fish require care and attention. Here’s what you need to know when the content of:

The water in the pond should be constantly updated with fresh, you might need special equipment. In addition, water should always be clean, therefore the required filtration system. Another important factor is space: the carp grow quickly, and at an early age can become quite large. They are known to be very social species and happily coexist with other fish species as long as there is enough space. How deep must a pond? A minimum level of about one meter, ideal for carp, according to experts, but the deeper the pond the better. If the pond is too shallow then the koi are at risk of predators, such as cats or birds.

What razmarivaet koi? Some fish can grow up to a meter. However, modern carp average in length to 80 cm. These Japanese fish can reach about 50% of their final adult length in 24 months, depending on conditions such as oxygen concentration, water temperature, size of reservoir, water quality, quantity and type of food.

Do not use pesticides for aquatic plants to avoid poisoning the water and always make sure that the filtration system was working properly. Keep in mind that fish need your attention and care. Try to withstand the feeding schedule. It is best if you will feed the fish twice a day. These are General rules that you should keep in mind if you want to breed fish in your garden pond. The koi pond is a wonderful landscape that is ideal for meditation and feeding the fish and watching them is very relaxing pastime.

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