Seafood of the Atlantic coast of France

We hope that the information below will be useful for travelers going on a sea holiday on the French Atlantic coast, in the regions of Normandy and Brittany, and will make their pastime more vivid and memorable, thanks to the wonderful tasting dishes of sea food…

Chapter 1

Fruits de Mer, with regard to “seafood”…

According to my observations the most popular dish – it’s mussels in a saucepan…

The feeling is that a good half of visitors to a local bistro to spend time just for these pots…:)

Moules Mariniere (mul marignier), Moules a la crème (all-in-one a La cram) – ways of preparing mussels, often offered by local institutions.

Here is a little warning. Mussels come in both large and small. And cooked can be different, although same name – Moules Mariniere… In the sense that can be very tasty and quite disgusting ( with sand, or it is unclear what the taste at all…)

Meals are usually very large and served with fries…

The price of muli is one of the lowest. Perhaps that is another reason why they are so popular…

Seafood can be found in a variety of the entrees –the appetizers

individually– Assiette de langoustines

Assiette de Bulots . Assiettes d Amandes , Tourteau Maionnaise , Huitres

And in cuts, for example: Assiette de Fruits de Mer

( Salade “Le Galatee” )

( “Salade du Port” )

In every restaurant, specializing in seafood, serves a Plateau Fruits de Mer Royal ( “Royal dish of seafood”)

It usually consists of ( les Huitres – oysters, Bulots – Bula – sea snails, Amandes – Amanda, crevettes rose – pink prawns, langoustines – langoustines, Tourteau or Araignee de Mer ( crab “Torta” crab or “Sea Spider”) and Homard – Omar (mostly Breton)

In the same dish of seafood can also be Bigorneaux – bigorna -very small snails, Crevettes grise – small “gray ones”, Clams, clams – large clams in shells ,

Palourdes – palardy – small clams in the shells with a grayish tinge, and small crabs – Etrilles

Scallops Saint-Jacques, I personally, found only in the main (hot) dishes


the starters

but in the form of Tartar…

It is the same Gambas – “Gamba” – shrimp large size, which are sold on the market, for some reason never included with dishes of seafood. Cook them separately, either on the grill or served as kebabs. Otherwise I have not met.

Some restaurants offer signature dishes of sea delights…

and “Le Galatee” in Trouville boasts Cassolette de Homard au Sauternes – a ragout of lobster in Sauternes…