Goldfish: keeping, care, breeding, feeding

Description and sizes. Goldfish came to light thanks to the work of plant breeders. The ancestor of the fish – pond carp. This species is distinguished by simplicity, high decorative features. The fish can be kept in spacious aquariums or small ponds. Individuals can have different color fins and body. Pond goldfish reaches 30 cm, when the content in the aquarium – about 15 cm

Distribution. In the natural environment not inhabited, because it is the breeding form. To breed fish are able already in the second year of life, but for the purpose of obtaining good offspring is better to wait until the Pets reach the age of 2-4 years. The most favourable period for spawning is April – may, although goldfish can breed several times a year.

The content in the aquarium. Goldfish like company of their own kind, but it needs enough space for swimming (minimum aquarium – 100 liters 1 pair of fish). It is desirable to set the aquarium near a bright light source. Decorate an artificial pond with the help of stones, driftwood, on the bottom is filled with fine soil, possibly the use of plants (plastic and live), including those that are afloat. However, preference should be given tverdolystyh plants, otherwise the fish will quickly go around all the decorations. Dekoratiivesemete aquarium should not have sharp edges. Goldfish can be kept with other predatory fish, but then must carefully monitor their diet, because these representatives of cyprinid unable to actively fight for food.

Mandatory intensive aeration, air purification, water filtration, replacing the old water with fresh. Temperature in the reservoir should be in the range of 15-30 degrees Celsius,pH 6-8.

Feed. Goldfish it is advisable to provide food for Coldwater ornamental fish, large frozen, and dry. For example, a good feed series “Sera Goldy”or “Tetra AniMin Colour”. You can take food plants (duckweed, Wolffia, Ricci). In the vegetable food allowed salad, nettle. Fish will happily eat the bloodworm or earthworm. You should not overfeed your pet, because overeating is fraught with diseases. The fry eat “living dust” Artemia, micro worm.