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Catfish in the oven

Hello, dear readers of the site’s Recipes .The Russian Federation! Today, passing by fishing pavilions, looking at the abundance of freshwater fish, could not resist and bought a small catfish, weighing 2.1 kg. Initially wanted to cook catfish in the oven baked with mayonnaise as a whole. But, after the necessary measurements and fitting to soma protiven, it turned out that it was too big to fit in the oven whole. Soma had to be cut into portions. The recipe for cooking catfish in the oven now will be a little different, I’ll cook catfish with vegetables baked in the baking pan under the lid.

Cooked in the oven catfish with vegetables . has tender and juicy taste, the meat itself just melts in your mouth.

For cooking catfish in the oven with vegetables it is necessary to take:

Som 2.1 kg, one lemon, onions 350g, 350g carrots, salt and pepper to taste.

Catfish in the oven — cooking

For cooking catfish in the oven with vegetables, namely onions and carrots, they must be crushed. Carrots need to grate, and chop onion coarsely.

Head catfish in the oven I cook I use it for broth broth when cooking fish soup from Pollock .

Prepared koskiala salt, pepper, pour the squeezed lemon juice and mix.

Then salted, peppered soma add the vegetables, and a little doselevel, stir and insist 30 minutes. If you netosalade, the carrots after cooking catfish in the oven will be sweet.

Line the bottom of baking catfish, it lines an even layer of vegetables.

For vegetable litter spread marinated catfish pieces evenly, with little spaces between the fish.

Further vegetable mixture fill all the voids between the pieces, completely and evenly cover all the fish, tamped a little vegetables on top.

On top of the vegetables pour 100 ml of water, cover with a lid and put in a preheated 200 degree oven.

After 40 minutes cooked this recipe catfish in the oven will be ready.

Good appetite to all and see you soon.

While I added a recipe catfish in the oven with vegetables on the site, I got my cat, began to pester and ask there, strongly interfering, almost like in the video below.

Added a video, now go feed your cat. And you do not forget about their animals.

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