The inhabitants of the underwater depths

In recent years, studies of the deep sea are very active. However, the oceans keep so many secrets that I reveal have scientists of several generations. There is evidence that to date 99% of the area of the bottom of the oceans of the Earth remain unexplored. However, there are animals, scientists are already open. And most of them boggles the imagination as to their appearance and lifestyle. A large part of deep-sea animals are predators. So, bathysaurus that live in tropical seas, is the predator who has mastered the very deep part of the sea.

He is able to swallow everything that gets in his way. His sharp tongue equipped with teeth, does not give the prey the slightest chance to escape. Bathysaurus not necessary friend of life: nature gave him the genitals of male and female at once. Long and sharp fangs has a fish-Viper. Your teeth that do not fit in the mouth, it is able to kill any prey, but can eat fish larger than themselves: her stomach is stretched if necessary. Continue reading

Dangerous sea creatures

Actually sharks, except for a few species, and a total of more than 250, do not attack people. Just behave and other toothy predators of the sea-giants. But we are not talking about them.

Most dangerous marine animals found among small, often inconspicuous or, conversely, very bright and colorful marine life. These completely harmless looking creatures produce the strongest, sometimes deadly poisons. Scientists count about 500 species of poisonous fishes, 93 species of venomous coelenterates animals, 91 species of mollusks, and 26 species of echinoderms. But do not succumb to fear. Poisonous marine animals affect humans, usually in self-defence when he disturbed or careless movement will hurt them.

One of the most toxic and also the ugliest of marine animals – fish-stone. It is also called bugorkami or borodavchenko. This creature with a total length of 15-20 centimeters, with an ugly big head, small eyes and a large mouth with prominent lower jaw forward. Naked, without scales, brownish-brown, Continue reading

Top 10 Most dangerous and poisonous inhabitants of the seas and oceans

The ocean and its underwater world and attracts and frightens. It covers most of the Earth’s surface. And in 2008, was determined the exact date of the celebration of world oceans day on June 8. So, let’s celebrate and protect the wildlife that lives there. Among a huge variety of fish, shellfish, turtles and the like, there are some species that are striking for their forms, colors. Their appearance, slays outright. It makes you want to Pat them. But, their beauty is deceptive. Many of them are dangerous to humans because they have a poisonous weapon that is hidden behind an attractive appearance (not like earth life?). The result was a list of poisonous inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

No. 10. The Scorpion or sea ruff

They live in the Black, and Japanese seas, in the warm latitudes of the World ocean. Very interesting coloration of these fishes, and on the body and fins shapeless outgrowths, which have poisonous glands. They spent his adult life swimming at the bottom. A normal residence Scorpion fish, this seaweed and rocks, where well camouflaged, due to its unusual coloring. Continue reading