Live-bearing aquarium fish

To viviparous fish include a large group of fish that live in fresh and salted waters of South America. The main difference between these fish from the others because the eggs fertilized inside the female’s body and are born fully formed fry, ready to eat. The maturation of eggs occurs on average during 22-50 days, depending on the variety.


the guppies smack the most undemanding aquarium viviparous fishes are guppies, that’s why they advise you to start the novice aquarist. These fish have a calm disposition, friendly, beautiful, and at the same time they do not need thorough maintenance, the strict temperature control. Its name was given by name English botany Guppies, who in the mid-19th century brought them to Europe from the journeys together with lots of plants from the tropics. Among the fish were bright with males scattered throughout the body stripes and spots of various colors, and gray, nondescript, but large females. So took root and became widespread in the aquariums of the Europeans the inhabitants of Venezuela, Guiana, Barbados and Trinidad Islands. Continue reading

Fish at the cottage – the technology of breeding

To perform in the country a pond is not difficult, it will take a few days, however, no underwater inhabitants of such a pond will be an unfinished project. Of course, that you had fish in the country, previously would have to get some knowledge and some work to do. However, many gardeners, having been engaged in this business, came to the conclusion that to breed the fish even more exciting than to dig up the beds with cucumbers.

Pond fish in the country

In this article, we will examine how to breed fish at the cottage and what to do this.

Implementation of the pond

The main nuances

So, if you plan to engage in fish farming, the first thing you need to perform a pond in the country for fish farming. Continue reading

Feeding aquarium fish

In a previous article we considered the General rules for the content of aquarium fish. But fish need to learn how to properly feed. Tips for feeding aquarium fish.

Do not give more food than the inhabitants of the aquarium can eat in 15 min.

It is necessary to alternate different kinds of food, do not forget that some of them can not give more than 1 times a month.

Be sure to use live food, but before feeding rinse it thoroughly; make sure that the aquarium has not got a live feed rotten or dead worms — this can cause poisoning.

You can give your fish pre-grated and frozen thawed fish. Continue reading

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