What are sharks – types of sharks

Mako shark or cernobila shark scary predator in the literal and figurative sense. Mako notice sacrifice his black eyes and chase her at speeds up to 100 km/h.

But sharks are not such killers as they are usually considered, and in the foreseeable future, these incredible hunters may disappear because of human activity. Great review of these predators, read the article “Sharks are fearsome predators of the seas and oceans”.

Sharks appeared 420-450 million years ago, and since then they haven’t changed much. And why? Nature has created the perfect killing machine. White shark :

Bull shark . Reaches 4 meters long and lives almost 30 years:

But even such an incredible number of hunters decreases. Increasingly, sharks are victims of the fishermen. The price of shark meat, fins, and in some cultures sharks are used for medicinal purposes. Continue reading