Bait for catfish

The biggest fish that you can catch in our land is considered som. And no wonder we all experienced fishermen have many stories about how they or their friends pulled out a very large instances.

Most anglers fishing for catfish use time-honoured fashioned way, namely fishing on the Donk. This gear is made from a strong nylon thread or fishing line with a large diameter, which is attached to the load and a few hooks.

The most important thing in catching this catfish bait. This should be more correct to return home with their catch. Bait for catfish can be anything. This fish, like the cleaner collects from the seabed, shells, leeches, worms, more adults can attack even large waterfowl and small animals. In addition to catching catfish with great efficiency using a lure from which there is persistent odor. This is because som is one of those fish, looking for food with charm. Continue reading

Dangerous sea creatures

Actually sharks, except for a few species, and a total of more than 250, do not attack people. Just behave and other toothy predators of the sea-giants. But we are not talking about them.

Most dangerous marine animals found among small, often inconspicuous or, conversely, very bright and colorful marine life. These completely harmless looking creatures produce the strongest, sometimes deadly poisons. Scientists count about 500 species of poisonous fishes, 93 species of venomous coelenterates animals, 91 species of mollusks, and 26 species of echinoderms. But do not succumb to fear. Poisonous marine animals affect humans, usually in self-defence when he disturbed or careless movement will hurt them.

One of the most toxic and also the ugliest of marine animals – fish-stone. It is also called bugorkami or borodavchenko. This creature with a total length of 15-20 centimeters, with an ugly big head, small eyes and a large mouth with prominent lower jaw forward. Naked, without scales, brownish-brown, Continue reading

Fishing folk omens

“To beat Sidorov freezing”. Old anglers, in the morning going fishing, to myself quietly whispering the ancient conspiracy: “Sidor, put out by the North wind, do a quiet day, stop completely all Siver, the summer was warm and full of grace.”

In olden days it was believed that the Sidor cold wind went to the North before winter, and with it went the most difficult month of the year – may. Spring passed the baton rushing to change anticipated for the fly anglers. Fish, like realizing that there comes a warm the summer time, started to bite with a vengeance.

Birthday men: Alexander, Barbarian, Ivan, Isidore (Sidor), Leonty, Makar, Maxim, mark, Nikita, Serapion, Tikhon and Jacob on this day the fish were caught very much.

Fishermen prirodoslovni not forget to monitor weather changes and their fishing calendars to give forecasts for the following days: “This day was considered the last period of the planting of cucumbers”. “Warm, Sunny day promises a harvest of cucumbers”. “If the day be clear, Continue reading