However, it’s not all bad. Even if for financial or other reasons you want to do everything with your hands – go for it. But first study in detail the relevant literature and be sure to check out the range of pond products. Science and technology do not stand still, and the fact that a couple of years ago took a lot of time and effort, now not only easy, but also relatively inexpensive.

We must not forget that the basis for the normal existence of the backyard pond water quality. Before launching into the pond fish, decide what source is more convenient to get water and by means of tests (for example, set “TetraPond Test Set”) measure its basic parameters. The fish is not suitable for any water: for example, rain is too soft, as well, in contrast, may be excessively rigid. Of course, with the help of specialized drugs we can approximate chemical characteristics of the water to optimal values, however to abuse this opportunity should not be. Continue reading

Sea fishing in the Crimea. Popular angling spot

If you prefer sea fishing . in the Crimea for this lesson, just the perfect place. The fish can be caught at the black sea coast and Azov sea.

Fishing on the sea of Azov will bring a lot of fun. Despite the fact that today there is not found such a large number of red fish, as previously, fishing in the Azov still very interesting. To fish here you can not only from shore but from a boat. In these parts you can catch flounder, mullet or pelengasa. The most popular place for fishing on the Azov coast is the Cape Kazantip . where different travel agencies regularly organize special fishing tours.

On the black sea coast fishing is more varied, as places for fishing here so much more.

Quite popular among fishermen is the Kerch Peninsula. Here is found the same fish, as on the Azov, plus mackerel and black sea flounder. Fishing in the South-East of the Peninsula is the most attractive in the early autumn, in September. Continue reading

Carp koi. General rules of content

You want to add elegance and charm to your garden, but can’t find the right solution? How about a koi pond . This is a great opportunity to decorate your garden pond. But what is a koi and how to care for them? Well, it’s very simple.

Koi carp in Japan since ancient times, bred, as we have dogs or cats, they are like Pets. Koi require minimal care and feeding, easily to people. The fish pond will give your garden a very calm and beautiful appearance and atmosphere. Of course, the koi fish require care and attention. Here’s what you need to know when the content of:

The water in the pond should be constantly updated with fresh, you might need special equipment. In addition, water should always be clean, therefore the required filtration system. Another important factor is space: the carp grow quickly, and at an early age can become quite large. They are known to be very social species and happily coexist with other fish species as long as there is enough space. How deep must a pond? A minimum level of about one meter, ideal for carp, according to experts, but the deeper the pond the better. If the pond is too shallow then the koi are at risk of predators, such as cats or birds. Continue reading

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